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Joshua Genius

I am Joshua Genius,one of the creative forces behind CUM LAUDE INTERNATIONAL. Inspired by a love of music, art, life, and knowledge, I strive to connect with my fellows human beings across all borders in an attempt to together build a better world.

Joshua Genius is a music producer, artist, historian, poet, teacher and activist. One of the main creative forces behind CUM LAUDE INTERNATIONAL, Joshua Genius is devoted to exploration of life through art, music, and exploration itself. Evolving at the pace of technology, Joshua Genius regards the world as a canvas, and every sound as sample material. 

JOSHUA GENIUS is an experiment in sound. Combining the flood of voices of generations yearning to be heard, with the chaos of modernity, what results is the product of passion that has taken the form of music. Striving to connect with the world, every song is an invitation to join me in this process, no work is ever finished, lend me your voices, or any noises you choose and lets create a new world...

Joshua Genius's Background

Joshua Genius's Interests & Activities

ART, MUSIC, HUMAN RIGHTS, history, poetry, spoken word, hip hop, environmentalism, love, pain, joy,photography, painting, street art, poverty, transcendentalism,humanism, spirituality, chaos, symmetry,social media, Ideas, knowledge, books, CUM LAUDE INTERNATIONAL, MASCHINE, native instruments, Korg, moog, Boulder, Colorado, Denver, funk, life,mountains, ocean, soundcloud, reverb nation, society6, instagram.

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